MSS Road Project

Mt Stuart Street
The Project

This project was constructed to allow traffic to access areas of the James Cook University campus inclusive of the James Cook Drive loop utilised by students and staff to commute and gain access to parking. This project involved construction of a connecting road to allow pedestrian and vehicular traffic to bypass the James Cook Drive loop to cross the James Cook University (JCU) campus. The road is aligned to provide majestic views of its namesake, Mt Stuart. More importantly, it provides connectivity to carparking, pedestrian footpath networks as well as current and future buildings either side. The project also involved a number of key infrastructure works such as installation of new 2 x 500mm dia, chilled water lines with protection of existing pipes / valves using large reinforced concrete structures and installation of temporary chiller plants to provide service to network while cut overs were undertaken. Relocation and installation of new HV and LV networks including new substations were provided to the existing network as well as provision for future connections. Intersection upgrades to the eastern and western connections to James Cook Drive in addition to reconstruction of the western carpark involved high level traffic management to safely and effectively deal with peak volumes of incoming and outgoing traffic to the university due to the diverse range of transport methods including public bus services, commercial vehicles, cars, bicycles, foot traffic etc. A number of challenges were successfully managed throughout the project such as relocation and protection of critical service infrastructure including HV and chilled water. The original design did not accurately identify levels regarding the critical infrastructure which resulted in careful staging of works. CES Civil designed and constructed a number of protective structures to ensure the serviceability of the networks was not compromised. Relocation and Cut over works were scheduled to occur during out of hours or non-peak times to minimise disruption to services.

CES Civil NQ Pty Ltd overcame a number of challenges in dealing with large volumes of traffic on main thoroughfares throughout the University. This includes the management of bus and truck movements along with access to a shopping complex and precinct. CES Civil NQ Pty Ltd was successful in developing a traffic management system and implemented required control measures while also identifying innovative approaches such as the completion of road reinstatement out of hour