Road Rehabilitation and Drainage Upgrade

Jeffrey Streett, Redcliffe
The Project

CES Civil were awarded the Jeffrey Street Project which involved a road rehabilitation and a stormwater upgrade in conjunction. The road rehabilitation project was located on Jeffrey Street from Oxley Avenue (Ch 18) to Humpybong Esplanade (Ch 190), Redcliffe. The project scope included the rehabilitation of the subject section of road over a length of 172 metres. The existing pavement also showed signs of defects, the objective of the project was to also renew the pavement and achieve the required level of service. This project also included laying 225m of 1200 mm diameter stormwater pipe along Jeffrey Street to Humpybong Creek. Works also included raising the footpath outside 20 Jeffrey Street to ensure major storm flows are contained in the future on Jeffrey Street clear of private properties and the installation of water quality treatment device at the intersection of Jeffrey Street and Humpybong Esplanade. The main objective of the project was to reduce flooding on private property by increasing the capacity of the underground drainage network.