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Quite simply, we deliver for our clients.  We have extensive experience and understanding of what it takes to deliver projects successfully.  Our demonstrated history of success has translated into CES Civil becoming the preferred contractor of choice for many repeat clients.  With offices in Townsville and Brisbane, we have the skills and capability to deliver projects of any scale for our clients.

Subcontractor Management

Complete For All Projects

CES Civil takes full responsibility for the performance of subcontractors on all projects. Expertise as principal contractor for major projects throughout this region ensures the available internal procedures and processes to ensure subcontractors have a full scope of works, understand obligations and are compliant on site. Existing resources and materials include packages for specialised works, lump sum scope of works and quality, safety and environmental documentation and forms.

CES Civil has executed this process for a number of major projects including the high risk Mount Stuart Street Road project that involved challenges associated with existing chilled water upgrade and high voltage RMU and substation upgrade. CES Civil  successfully managed subcontractors for this scope of works and implemented appropriate governance and performance frameworks with direct reference to safety, quality, program and cost with a portion of Principal supplied items.

CES Civil has demonstrated expertise in managing subcontract arrangements especially for highly technical and specialised areas. Our capability to understand the scope of works, identify qualified organisations and monitor performance on site has been critical to delivering outcomes that are compliant and consistent with industry standards.

CES Civil takes full responsibility for the compliance of all subcontractors on site when conducting any works. All subcontractors are subject to and compliant with the third party accredited integrated management system applied through our company.


Live Traffic Areas

Delivery. Safety. Quality.

CES Civil has extensive experience in conducting works within live traffic areas.

The result of this experience is an internal process and structure towards conducting extensive risk assessments, determining traffic flow requirements and implementing management plans that maintain access without compromising project delivery, safety or quality. CES Civil experience in this sector ensures an understanding of all risk associated with live traffic works and can provide additional, relevant management plans for pedestrians. Each management plan is consistent with industry standards and inclusive of critical processes such as public notification, signage and the display of plans within facilities.


High Profile Public Areas

Experience. Capability. Structure.

CES Civil offers extensive experience and expertise in conducting works within high profile public areas. This level of expertise results in the internal procedures, risk assessments and on site management plans to ensure that exposure to members of the public is managed and accounted for within each construction methodology.

A number of projects such as the Rising Sewer Main and Mount Stuart Street project required extensive engagement with the public and traffic. Delivering projects on James Cook University required a capability to communicate, conduct works and implement strategies to prevent risks to students, staff members, members of the public and other stakeholders. CES Civil has the experience, capability and internal structure to ensure that public areas are successfully managed in accordance with all requirements.


Security Environment

A Successful Track Record

CES Civil can demonstrate a proven successful record functioning within security environments. Our experience in delivering outcomes for projects on Department of Defence facilities such as Lavarack Barracks Road maintenance project and the Port of Mackay Fire Main project demonstrates this capability.

In each of these projects we were required to meet on site security requirements in relation to all personnel, movement of equipment and appropriate checks. CES Civil implemented required consultation processes to determine site security requirements and implement appropriate procedures.

This was matched with participating in principal led inductions and completing all clearances. Deliveries and movement of equipment complied with on-site security procedures and direction by personnel. All staff and subcontractors that entered sites to conduct works were subject to background checks and appropriate security procedures.


Construction Standards & Practices

We know them all

CES Civil develop a site specific construction project management plan for all contracts. This plan clearly outlines and puts forward the required standards and practices for completing the project.

The key elements to these plans include:

  • Project personnel
  • Project details
  • Project specific Inspection Test Plans (ITP)
  • Construction method statements
  • Quality documents
  • Lot registers testing ratio
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Before mobilisation occurs a complete construction project management plan will be developed and put forward for approval by the principal. This plan will clearly outline all construction standards and practices. The above documentation and records provide the framework through which this plan is analysed, implemented and managed. Incorporated within each of these components are the critical issues for the delivery of a project scope for the Mackay Airport.

CES Civil has similar experience in major projects requiring the capability to apply a broad range of construction standards and processes. This includes all civil projects from road construction through to the installation of vital services, pipelines and associated infrastructure. CES Civil has the experience and capability to analyse project scope and implement methodologies that are compliant with standards.

CES Civil has extensive experience as a principal contractor or subcontractor. In each of these works we have met requirements to merge existing practices with client internal systems. Our focus is on providing documentation, deliverables and records within the required format that match.

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